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I made a little tutorial on how to make a couple of types of mini stamps, you can download the whole thing from dropbox here!

bruised bananas are only good for drawing purposes. 

Seriously, guys. Repeated patterns. So many of them. Why? Whyyy? 

Apparently I’m back into spending all of my free time making repeated patterns again!

Apparently, this is my beetle army that I’m going to set on people. So, you know, beware and such. 

my current aesthetic is sports bra, topknot and an overwhelming loathing of sambuca. 

24/07/14 quick 5 minute OOTD, featuring top knot because long, thick hair in this heat is hell, Edd’s t-shirt and my work trousers. I’m a stylish miss. Also featuring v. badly drawn hands and feet because I’m lazy and also haven’t drawn much in ages. 

I really like this painting small bugs and butterflies and such. They’re really cute and fun and I have so many of these boxes to do this to! 

This is a look I like to call ‘What? No, not at all, I’m perfectly happy with being a model in your fashion show, look, I have a hat and everything, hats mean I’m fine, perfectly fine and not at all shitting myself’.

I was told today at work that I have to be a model at the fashion show that we’re having in two days. 

model in the fashion show in two days. The fashion show in two days that people are going to watch and look at and pay to be at. 

I am five foot tall! I saw the other models today, and they’re bleeding giants! Why??? Why do people insist on putting me in situations where I will look stumpier than I already do? It doesn’t help that we don’t actually stock my clothes size, so I’m going to end up looking like a stumpy little tent lady standing next to these elegant, beautiful giant ladies. 


Like, I get the whole no-size-zero thing and all but what people seem not to have taken into account is the fact that I’m only five foot tall and can’t find clothes that fit me. Children’s section clothes are fine and all but 99% of the time they’re ugly as fuck. 

I have two whole days off in a row and I’ve already had this afternoon off and I don’t really know what to do with myself so I’m just making patterns out of old drawings of pegs? What do people do with all of this free time?

This girl from work described me yesterday as a chirpy chipmunk and I think that’s one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said about me.

These notebooks have taken me an almost ridiculous amount of time to make. I was all like, oh, that’ll be nice to make notebooks out of all those patterns I painted, and then it took two weeks to make them. Okay, so not two weeks of straight working on them, but two weeks of working on them a little here and a little there. 

But look at how pretty and colourful they are! They all have 80 pages of blank white paper inside, and I’ll be putting them up for sale in batches of about five a day for the next week or so here.

Ohmygoodness I’m so glad I’m finished. 

Currently: Taking sneaky selfies with the Hippo of Happiness while Edd naps next to me and doodling weird experiments on photoshop based on Manet’s Olympia. It’s been an oddly good day.